We are your virtual walk in centre where you can access the practical commercial, financial or societal solutions you need to apply in your business or finances, real time.  

We are a fully operational digital arm of Kade Keyo.

We exist for one thing and one thing only; to bridge you to the solution you or your business may have need of at any point in time, as quickly and simply as possible.

When you succeed, the society gets better, and we succeed too!

Kade Keyo is a service oriented organisation that constantly evolves with the creating, testing, implementing and sharing of practical and relevant societal solutions (Products and services), that would work for the benefit of all.

Our essence is to ensure that everything we do, doesn’t just stop at ensuring visible progress in the financial, general and societal areas of an individual or business, but has the ability to also improve the standard of living in communities where the community members and local businesses reside.

We are committed to growth for the benefit of our clients, our customers, our employees and our business!

We offer strategic and clearly thought out products and services, designed with the aim to provide business solutions. Each product and service we create allows EVERYONE see a new way of life, and if possibly, live it to the max.

Check out below the active products and services we have created for you, and get in touch with us to know more about them, as well as how to be a partner or make purchase!




Below is our active product;

Returns pay you monthly, and after 12 months, get your money back with interest.

Grow Fund is a product that provides a simple financial solution to a complex problem.

Partners acquire a certain amount of units and watch their money grow.

To know more, get in touch with us.


Below are our active services;

For every problem, there is a solution. Even for your business.

We provide practical solutions for your business via the following services below;

  1.  Business Consultations
  2.  Business Documentations (Business Plans, Business Proposals, Research and Business Analysis)
  3. Business Remodel & Design
Partner in our vision, share in our profits.

When you walk alone, you may go fast. When you walk with others, you may go far. 

  • Our partners go fast and far.
  • Available partnerships are;
  1. Affiliate Partnerships is where you get a healthy commission(s), simply because people became partners through you.
  2. Financial Partnerships has various category basis to cater to the needs of interested parties. You can view the categories here
  3. Venture Partnerships involves us working together to achieve our goals of creating a better society through our listed ventures. One of such ventures is TBx Farms.
Never handle a project alone, when you have us.

Project Consulting : We can help you achieve your business goals, be it a(n) operational, strategic or technical project.

Project Management: Every project created, is purposed to achieve a given set of goals, within the stipulated time frame. To achieve this, you would need people who know what it takes to get the job done, while making you the star.

You need Solution Centre.

Create job opportunities, improve financial stability, double your stocks value.

TBx Farms is a startup venture built to grow, market, sell and distribute the most viable citrus fruits within and possibly, beyond the shores of Nigeria.

Partners and investors of TBX Farms, would have at the very least, stock worth twice the initial purchase. A 100% increase in valuation.

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Returns pay you monthly, and after 12 months, get your money back with interest.

Grow Fund is a product that simply gives you the opportunity to partner with our success, and enjoy life’s little pleasures too!

All you have to do is simple; 

  1. Partner by purchasing GF units (partners can purchase from 1-15 units), 
  2. Sit back and get paid monthly from the company’s yields, then get paid back your money plus accrued interest for those months. That simple.

To know more, get in touch with us.