Kade Keyo | Solution Centre

Redesigning futures, one brand at a time.

The Developer

Kade Keyo is a company who exists to ensure that the society is improved through the solutions it has created to provide a better life for individuals and businesses.

In a bid to ensure that the modules created to meet the prevailing needs faced on a daily basis by business owners, people under employment, job seekers, etc., are easily expressed and made available to them as soon as they need it, Kade Keyo | Solution Centre was born. 

You can read up more about us HERE, or watch the video to know what drives us by clicking on the image.

The Bridge

Kade Keyo | Solution Centre is a walk-in centre aimed at providing practical and well-tested solutions to individuals and businesses easily, quickly and simply.

We are a bridge for the clients and customers to the solutions they are searching for, unique to their needs.

Having this as the forefront of our goals, we are building a community where members have direct interaction with us and give them the opportunity to interact and experience all our active products at their pace. Membership is open to everyone

The first Kade Keyo | Solution Centre was launched officially from the 1st August 2020 and is located in Lagos. Plans are underway to open more Kade Keyo | Solution Centres in states across the country.

You can read up about us by clicking on the image.

What Our Clients and Partners Have to Say

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The Contact

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You can reach us by filling the contact form, or the following channels listed:

  •  Call: 0811 – 964 – 1271
  • Email: info@sckadekeyo.com
  • Address: 1 Adekunle Owobiyi Close, Off Oladele Kadiri Street, Ogba, Lagos (Work Days : Mon – Fri, Time: 9am – 6pm)